Monday, July 03, 2006

People as virus syndrome

By now you have heard the news that, “Two fanatically anti-people billionaires--the two richest men in the world--have announced that they will combine their enormous fortunes into one charitable foundation. Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway plans to give securities currently valued at about $37 billion to the Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation, which has already had its coffers swollen to $29 billion by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Gates has even let slip that the motivation behind reproductive health programs is actually population control” ( Joseph A. D'Agostino)

Population Control or the ol’ saw “the world is over populated and we must do what we can to save the planet”. Gates and Buffett can now outspend any effort we try to mount and since they are ginormously rich so many people believe they are right in this tact, (the opposite of “if you’re so smart how come you aint rich.” is "you are so rich you must be smart."). What those two have done is buy into Margret Sanger’s Eugenic club and funded all of its future endeavors. And like Margret they honestly believe they are doing something good.

Campaigning for population control in a world where many countries are dropping to below replacement level seems to defy logic. But then again the secluded rich have neve been known for their logic. Or as my dad used to say, “The wealthy don’t mature, they just mellow.”

Just to let you know where their heads are, in an interview with TIME magazine, Bill Gates is quoted as saying: "Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There's a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning." And Mr. Buffett gave us RU-486 and the money he made on that is going to more humanitarian work with Planned Parenthood.

From GKC’s Eugenics and Other Evils
“There exists to-day a scheme of action, a school of thought, as collective and unmistakable as any of those by whose grouping alone we can make any outline of history. It is as firm a fact as the Oxford Movement, or the Puritans of the Long Parliament; or the Jansenists; or the Jesuits. It is a thing that can be pointed out; it is a thing that can be discussed; and it is a thing that can still be destroyed. It is called for convenience "Eugenics"; and that it ought to be destroyed I propose to prove in the pages that follow. I know that it means very different things to different people; but that is only because evil always takes advantage of ambiguity. I know it is praised with high professions of idealism and benevolence; with silver-tongued rhetoric about purer motherhood and a happier posterity. But that is only because evil is always flattered, as the Furies were called "The Gracious Ones." I know that it numbers many disciples whose intentions are entirely innocent and humane; and who would be sincerely astonished at my describing it as I do. But that is only because evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes (emphasis added) and there has in all ages been a disastrous alliance between abnormal innocence and abnormal sin. Of these who are deceived I shall speak of course as we all do of such instruments; judging them by the good they think they are doing, and not by the evil which they really do. But Eugenics itself does exist for those who have sense enough to see that ideas exist; and Eugenics itself, in large quantities or small, coming quickly or coming slowly, urged from good motives or bad, applied to a thousand people or applied to three, Eugenics itself is a thing no more to be bargained about than poisoning.”

We must do two things: the first is prayer which of course will win sooner or later and the second thing we must cooperate with our Lord in exposing the Over Population myth for the lie it is in order to make it sooner.

Myth 1: It has been estimated by Paul Ehrlich and others that human beings actually occupy no more than 1 to 3 percent of the earth's land surface. All the people in the world would fit into the state of Texas. Try the math yourself: 7,438,152,268,800 square feet in Texas, divided by the world population of 6,500,000,000. The population density of this giant city would be somewhat more than San Francisco and less than the Bronx. Never mind the fact that world’s population is rapidly declining

Myth 2 The world's forests are disappearing because of overpopulation. This is an important matter because forests are an essential part of the world's environment The world forested area, estimated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (FAO), currently amounts to four billion hectares, covering 30 percent of the land surface of the earth. Few people realize this is the same figure as in the 1950s. There has also been great agitation about the "destruction of the tropical rainforests." Someone has claimed that an area twice the size of Belgium is now being logged worldwide each year, but people don't realize Belgium could fit into the world's tropical forests 500 times, and in the meantime, the rest of the world's trees — 99.6 percent of them — are continuing to grow.

Myth 3: Many plants and animals are disappearing because of the growth in human numbers. There is absolutely no scientific data whatsoever to support this claim.

Myth 4: Overpopulation is threatening the world food supply. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, world food supplies exceed requirements in all world areas, amounting to a surplus approaching 50 percent in 1990 in the developed countries, and 17 percent in the developing regions."Globally, food supplies have more than doubled in the last 40 years . . . between 1962 and 1991, average daily per caput food supplies increased more than 15 percent . . . at a global level, there is probably no obstacle to food production rising to meet demand,"

Myth 5: Overpopulation is the chief cause of poverty. In reality, problems commonly blamed on "overpopulation" are the result of bad economic policy. For example, Western journalists blamed the Ethiopian famine on "overpopulation," but that was simply not true. The Ethiopian government caused it by confiscating the food stocks of traders and farmers and exporting them to buy arms.

Myth 6: (this one I will quote in length because it is in direct conflict with the Gates/Buffett claim that) Women and men throughout the world are begging for the means to control their fertility. Not so, according to reports from such places as Bangladesh, Africa and the Philippines. The fact is, surplus condoms and birth control pills fill warehouses in the less developed world and women flee the birth control workers and beg to have their implants and IUDs removed. U.S. foreign assistance law requires countries receiving American foreign aid to take steps to reduce population growth [you can find this in 22 U.S. Code, sec. 2151-1; 22 U.S. Code, sec. 2151(b)]. Far from meeting an "unmet need" for birth control, foreign-supported family planners in India, Bangladesh and other countries must pay, or force, their clients to accept it, according to reports from these countries. Foreign-supported population control is so unpopular in Bangladesh that riots over this issue prevented the prime minister from attending the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994. Dr. Margaret Ogola, a Kenyan pediatrician, disputed the claim of "unmet need" for family planning at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994. She said that foreign aid givers have lavished pills, condoms and IUDs on hospitals and clinics in Kenya, but that simple medicines for common diseases remain unavailable. A United Nations survey of abortion and birth control policies throughout the world found that high proportions of women were familiar with and were using "traditional" methods (NFP) of limiting births. In 1981, the typical Bangladeshi woman was having seven children during her lifetime; since then the number has fallen to 3.4. According to Bangladesh press reports in 1994, the secretary of health acknowledged that "coercion, blackmail [and] abuse of payment provisions" were problems in the population control program. Alarmed by extremely low fertility, South Korea reported to the International Conference in Cairo that it has slashed its government expenditures on birth control. Singapore, faced with below-replacement fertility, reported that it now offers tax rebates to couples with more than two children. Government-supported "family planning" agencies in the United States, such as Planned Parenthood, claim their services save public assistance costs. In fact, published research has shown that states which spend large amounts on birth control subsequently have higher costs of public assistance. Research also shows that states which require parental consent for a minor to have an abortion have lower rates of adolescent pregnancy

Myth 7: Overpopulation causes war and revolution. The most war-torn continent on earth — Africa — is also one of the least densely populated, with about half as many people per square mile as in the world as a whole.

For a more in depth debunking of these myths see Dr. Jacqueline R. Kasun from which the above myths were quoted. Be prepared where ever and when ever to stop the spread of these can only win for awhile even a lot of money


Save Humanity said...

The Planet has only ONE problem, the Human race has only ONE problem. There are too many of us right now, there will be way too many very soon.
We agonise over all sorts of "deeply relevant" issues. Pressure groups around the world dedicate their lives to " serious" issues of mankind. We all cogitate and worry about: Drought's and Starvation in Africa, Countries going Nuclear, Terrorism, Poverty, Global warming.
They are all a waste of time - will we pity our stupidity in this irrelevance when the Planet takes action?
And this Planet will take its own action if Humans do not.
So the only issue facing us right now is "How do we reduce the planet's population down to 2 billion in a globally agreed, co-operative way?"
If we do not the Planet will do it without any Human having any say in it.

Nick Milne said...

So let the blasted planet do it, then, and there's an end to it. If it's just going to happen anyway there's no need to get ourselves in a fuss about it.

What's more, the planet will not do anything, for good or ill; the planet has no will. Though, by the way you capitalise the word, "planet," I suspect you feel that it does. That's certainly your prerogative, of course, and well within your rights to believe; just don't try to hold it up as a vital consideration for policy.

What's more, please don't spam our blog, or anybody else's, for that matter. Your comment isn't directed at Alan at all, and does not respond in any way to what he has said. Some quick research indicates that your comment is in fact copy-and-pasted from the first (and only) post at your own blog. This is bad form, and makes those who notice such things look upon you with scorn.

Alan said...

What makes 2 billion the magic number? And how would that help?
USA has 300 million people, Africa has 700 million and China has 1.3 billion - oops we are now over - I guess we put the rest on an iceberg.
When you mention mass starvation, poverty, terrorism and the new nukes these things are all happening in parts of the world that are the least populated, why is that?
As for global warming do we give that the same credence we gave the cries of the new ice age coming they were talking about 30 years ago?