Monday, August 28, 2006

Duck and Cover

Good news/bad news from the front lines:

Here in Ohio we are following a law suit against Planned Parenthood on how they continually violate the parental notification to cover-up the actions of adult men having sexual relations with minors.

The evidence is overwhelming (here). PP tried to stop the release of records claiming Doctor/patient privilege. The Good news is that the Judge said in essence “poopycock”.

Roe v. Planned Parenthood (Ohio)—Civil action for damages and injunctive relief filed against PP for performing an abortion on a fourteen-year-old girl in violation of Ohio law. Claims on behalf of girl and parents include violation of parental notice and consent statutes, informed consent statute, and law requiring reports in cases of suspected child abuse. PP’s motion to dismiss four of the claims was overruled, and PP unsuccessfully appealed that decision. Plaintiffs sought and were granted access to PP’s records (redacted to protect patient confidentiality) of abortions on minors, to establish a pattern and practice of PP failing to comply with parental involvement laws. PP plans to appeal.” Well sure they are. Ruling against them could cost them buckets of money and/or put many centers out of business and send several PP officials to jail.

Many in the Right to Choose to Kill contingent can see the days of surgical abortion coming to an end in this country, (here) but in a text book case on how sin makes you stupid they are conceding the point and turning to chemical abortion. And in this front they have one a major victory. Enter stage left the bad news - “Plan B”, (what a nice sounding name for murder, don’t you think?).

Think what you will about President Bush but up till now he has fought to protect the pre-born. With this issue he took a dive. Why? My guess is that since Hillary said she would block the nomination of the new head of the FDA if he did not approve this drug. “The stalled process to authorize OTC sale of the "Plan B" abortion drug miraculously moved forward when Hillary and other abortion lovers in the Senate threatened to hold up von Eschenbach's confirmation as FDA director. Funny how that is. When grilled about this obvious political kowtow to the abortion extremists, von Eschenbach disingenuously stated that this was not politics but solid science and concern for women. Dumping heavy doses of synthetic hormones into teenagers' bodies as a chemical reaction to one-night stands is good science? I don't think so” (Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer). Then I can just hear the President’s handlers saying something like this, “Look GW, the elections are coming up and we are in trouble. Let’s approve this so we can say, ‘See we are in favor of killing babies too’”.

Now we have all heard that this drug is not safe for women, but heck Hillary is happy. We have also heard that this drug will be only sold to those over 18. But it does not say that it will only be sold to women. So now the adult male child sexual offender can walk into a pharmacy in the next town and get the drug that will remove the evidence of his crime and no one’s the wiser. This drug has now made the enemy invisible. There will be no sidewalk ministries outside CVS or protest marches outside Walgreens. More than ever this fight will be fought in the election booths and courtrooms. It is now a battle with two fronts. The key is not to keep silent and not to give up, many lives are at stake.
As a continuation of Kyro’s post, Chesterton said, “The cheapest and most childish of all the taunts of the Pacifists is, I think, the sneer at belligerents for appealing to the God of Battles. It is ludicrously illogical, for we obviously have no right to kill for victory save when we have a right to pray for it. If a war is not a holy war, it is an unholy one -- a massacre." I mention this quote because there is now a commission to review Israel’s part in this war to see if they obeyed the rules and fought like gentlemen. I have heard of no such commission looking into Hezbollah’s conduct. That is because Hezbollah and the other Jihadists have proclaimed this a Holy War so the rules don’t apply to them. Also since the Jihadists have said that victory fits anywhere between making people feel nervous all the way to the total destruction of Israel they get to win every battle or at least it is impossible to lose any. This war will not end until all sides declare this a Holy War.
And it just keeps getting better.
The ACLU has decided that NAMBLA is worthy of protection. Just because some of it’s member kill little boys doesn’t mean they ain’t nice guys. NAMBLA is so nice they have formed a political party in the Netherlands to help spread their fine code of ethics. They even have a woman’s auxiliary like Lady Elks. No offence to Elks - they are good eating.
And when you join they give excellent life advice. I'm surprised the Knights don’t give this to their members?

It all makes me understand what Grocho Marx once said, “I have a good mind of joining a club and beating you over the head with it.”

Maybe you heard it, maybe you didn’t but there was a small “academic” explosion at my local community college over the committee’s acceptance to do a play by Chesterton. A great many of the other professors started screaming we can’t be proselytizing! Chesterton is a Catholic and we can not be associated with THAT kind of thing!” It got ugly and the committee caved, we will not be doing The Surprise this season. I am sure that not one of the screamers read the play but was heartened that they had at least heard of Chesterton and thought he was dangerous. Funny though, I can do a play about Hell (No Exit) but not one about Heaven probably because they don’t believe in Hell or think anyone could take that myth seriously. Just a story to scare the children.
When I first heard the phrase “Post Christian Era” I laughed. It is an age Chesterton saw coming and many laughed at him. It doesn’t sound so funny anymore.

As for me I’m going to put myself in storage for a few days right after I clean the chicken coop.

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Don Kenner said...

Alan wrote,

"Hezbollah and the other Jihadists have proclaimed this a Holy War so the rules don’t apply to them."

An obvious truth that seems, inexplicably, to be lost on so many people. Kudos to a Chestertonian for bringing it up. I'm rereading LEPANTO. It seems oddly relevant to our current situation. But where is our Don John?

I might add that when the U.S. bombed the former Yugoslavia back to the stone age, no one set up inquisitions to determine if the West "followed the rules."

Don't misunderstand: states can be (and should be) critized for their behavior in war time, should their actions warrant such criticism. But the exclusive focus on Israeli conduct in their RESPONSE to an Iran-inspired Hezbollah assault on Israeli civilian populations has an eerie familiarity to it.

It is rather like watching Alfred Dreyfus answering questions in the dock.

A wonderful post. You guys are doing great work here.