Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Big Theology – Small Body

Not to let you think that my patron saint is Eeyore (that might be deduced from my last couple of posts) there is still glorious life abounding around here. “..Man is more himself, man is more manlike, when joy is the fundamental thing in him, and grief the superficial. ... Joy ... is the gigantic secret of the Christian." (GKC)

My daughter just turned five and she received what she had been asking for since Christmas – her own make-up. She managed to put all of it on her hands and face in around a half hour.
In spite of this materialist leaning she is a deep thinker. Several weeks ago we were driving back from the grocery store and she had been quite for some time. As you know when a four year is not talking it can only mean one of two things, they are asleep or something is bothering them. I looked back and saw she was awake so I asked, “What’s the matter baby?”
She asked me, “Papa, are we here now?”
“No honey we won’t be home for many minutes?
“No. Are we here, right here now?”
“Yes dear we are here now.”
OK, I did not begin to question my existence until I was 13. And here she is trying to work it out at four. Lately she is also showing a theological bent. She is trying to figure out where God is and how he can be everywhere. Again, in another car ride:
“Is God in the car with us, Papa?
“Yes He is.”
“Where is He sitting?”
“Next to you.”
“Does He come with us all the time.”
“All the time.”
“Doesn’t He have his own car?”
“Well this is His car. He is just letting me use it.”
“He must be mad at you.”
“Cause you got His car all messy.”
When we got home we cleaned it out and she felt much better.

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