Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Looking for something GOOD to do

"In Cameroon, Africa, books are scarce--especially the good ones. Which means few Catholics have access to quality spiritual reading. Fr. Linus, who is studying at one of the Cameroon seminaries, explains:
"One of the key problems the Church in Cameroon is facing, as in many parts of Africa, is that Christians do not read. And if they do, it's very thin. Most know very little about the Catholic faith and the situation is worst among the young people."
But what if we could change that, patricularly in the seminaries? What if we could provide good Catholic books to every future-priest in the country?
With eBooks and new media, I think we can."

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Brandon Vogt said...

Thanks for the share, Alan! I hope you noticed Chesterton's inclusion on the CD. :)

Alan Capasso said...

Oh yes i did notice Gilbert's inclusion. This is one of those Holy Spirit projects that makes me say, "Heck yea I'll play."