Saturday, March 19, 2005

New Blog

Chesterton blogs have come and gone, but I've never seen a Chesterbelloc blog. It looks like one has been started. Named On Nothing after an entertaining essay by Belloc, it's less than one week old. LINK

It reminds me of Belloc the morning he decided to take a walk to the Roman road through a forest near his home. On his way out, he passed his horse, Monster, who, Belloc tells us, was just standing there "regarding nothingness."

For anyone unacquainted with the term, "Chesterbelloc" is the invention of George Bernard Shaw, who wrote in 1908 that Chesterton and Belloc could not be considered separate entities, but rather they were a conspiracy, and a powerful one at that. "To set yourself against the Chesterbelloc," Shaw wrote, "is not merely to be unpatriotic, like setting yourself against the Daily Mail or Express: it is to set yourself against all the forces . . . of humanity."

I hope to see more Chesterton and Belloc blogs. Heck, I'd like to see someone dedicate a blog to Dawson or Gill or Baring or McNabb. If you start any such blogs, tell me about it and I'll post a notice on this blog. At some point, I'll start up a list of such blogs on the right side of this page.

And if you don't want to start your own blog, I encourage you to send me any appropriate items: relatively-unknown GKC quotes, current figures quoting GKC, anecdotes, whatever.

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