Thursday, April 21, 2005

Belloc on Advertising

Hilaire Belloc wrote his humorous "True Advertising" essay in hope that advertising would start telling the (whole) truth. I will remove my AdBlock filter on any advertising source so frankly humorous. Belloc wrote in 1926:

"I suppose the people who sell chemical food in any of its hundred forms will write something like this:

"'This stuff which I am putting up in tins for you may be easily described. It is made from the flesh of the pig: honestly it is. Not from any part of the pig in particular, but just from any or all parts chopped up. Most of the pigs were healthy, and your chance of getting part of a bad one is quite small. One the other hand, it is only fair to tell you that I have put a poison to keep the stuff from putrefying, and I have put in another chemical, not poisonous, to give it colour, and another chemical, which is only poisonous in large amounts, to give it consistency. That is all I have to say about it. P.S. - Even the poisonous chemical is not there in such large quantities as to do you any immediate harm. Your health will gradually suffer, but you won't feel any acute physical pain until you have got a great accumulation of it into your system after many years.'"


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Job Smith said...

"He sells us sands of Araby
As sugar for cash down;
He sweeps his shop and sells the dust
The purest salt in town,
He crams with cans of poisoned meat
Poor subjects of the King,
And when they die by thousands
Why, he laughs like anything."

The Song Against Grocers, G.K.C.