Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Young Chesterton Chronicles

There was a time when I would’ve received advanced notice and a sample copy: The Young Chesterton Chronicles. It came out in March, but I just read about it in Faith & Family this past weekend. F&F gives it high marks. I’m curious, however, to know why I didn’t see it mentioned in Gilbert Magazine or this blog. Maybe I missed it? Goodness knows, I'm not in a position to criticize anyone for being negligent.


Anonymous said...

Eric: it was mentioned here in June by Lee. Prior to that there were posts at the Blue Boar and the ACS blog. I think it was in Gilbert as well.

Eric said...

I figured there was a good chance that I'd simply ostriched it. Sorry for the stupid post.

Joe said...

hey, Eric - not a stupid post. I've got my ear to this stuff more than most people do.

My thought on the Tripods book is that most kids (and adults) don't have a clue of the actual historical circumstances; so they'll not be able to appreciate how things are played with in the novel. It will only give them a muddled idea of Chesterton. Oh, I know: it's only fiction.

If you read it please post your observations.

Glad to have you back @ C&F.

BrewsterBooster said...

....of course, if the book *was* accurate, it'd be a book about a boy & the events which shaped him in to being....the kind of fellow who wrote a lot of neat stuff and hung around in bars. :)

Makes for an accurate book, but not very exciting.

There are a number of Chesterton quotes and concepts sprinkled throughout the novel; The Curt Jester talks about that in greater detail in his review back in July, I think.

Plus, I think, even if they only come away with a muddled glimpse of Chesterton, it's more than most kids would get today, no? In our community, a number of parents have gotten the Tripods book for their kids, and liked how it was a kind of 'introduction (a dad's words)' to Chestertonian thought.

My own son, being the kind of kid he is, liked the fighting parts the best, but I was happy he came away with the kind of muddled thinking that gave birth to the Eugenics movement.



BrewsterBooster said...

EDIT: I meant my boy understood what type of muddled thinking gave rise to Eugenics.



Joe said...

BrewsterBooster: you convinced me to take a look at it. It's in my cart.