Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some more Stoic Thoughts...

Ive been tossing ideas around in my head over the last week regarding Stoicism, Christianity, and the whole mileau of Athens vs. Jerusalem. Honestly, I think we most come to the conclusion that we live in the most hypocritical socieity of all human history. The early Christians, in the midst of persecutions, or in the era immediately thereafter absorbed immense portions of Greco-Roman thought. The later Church absorbed the warrior ethics of the Franks and some others and created chivalry. We preach openmindedness and inclusion politically but the tings we openmindedly include are a very, very narrow set up policy positions.

I think there is a negative on the side of conservatives to note as well. I think too often we, or at least I, tend to be archival in outlook. There is a tendency to look back for a pristine ideal which wasnt there. The energy carried by tradition is a living radience illuminating the path to the future. There is a temptation to get stuck in gaslight and torchlight quagmires. I think the traditionalist is openminded in the best way, and absorbs new knowledge in the proper means.

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