Friday, February 11, 2011

I was going to regale you all with my latest hospital adventure but then realized the only thing more boring than old people telling stories about their grand children are stories by old people about their hospital stays.

So here is something more important:
I have mentioned before I hate when comic book heroes get killed off but not as much as when they are brought back to life a few issues later, ie: Superman and Captain America.

Oh, but now they have gone to far! Marvel announced last week (when I was hospitalized to avoid the confrontation) that Spider-Man will be joining the Fantastic Four as the replacement for the Human Torch, who was killed off last month. Spidey will join Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, and the Invisible Woman in a new series called "FF" - which now stands for "Future Foundation."

As loyal readers know we hate to editorialize here at Chesterton and Friends. But let us be frank - this the approximate equivalent of Bruce Springsteen joining KISS. And the new costumes would make Edna Mode go screaming into the night. We should not stand idly by.

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