Friday, July 08, 2011

Corinth anyone?

The International Planned Parenthood Federation released two new publications on abortion and sexual rights for youth. The new documents are the latest part of the organization’s larger campaign targeted at teenagers and older children.

'The sexual rights guide “Exclaim!” calls for a cornucopia of sexuality and gender protections and entitlements under the guise of international law. “Governments must respect, protect and fulfill all sexual rights for young people,” the publication states.' It says protect and fulfill sexual rights. Sexual rights mean the right to have sex so if the government is to fulfill that right will it have to get into the prostitution buisness? The report does not say.

As Chesterton said, "Once abolish the God and the government becomes the God." so think if this “plan” goes through we will have to set up a new cabinet seat - “The Department of Aphrodite Pleasure”. As every town now has postal service will they have to have ‘temple prostitutes’ as well?

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K T Cat said...

Soiled Doves? Wow! Talk about willful ignorance. Everything I've read has said that when the sex ratio has more men than women, women are treated with more respect. You'd really have to work hard to pull those kinds of stories out of the Old West. It's like being a sociologist who purposefully interviews only perverts to determine the state of American sexuality.

Oh, that's right, we already had that. Alfred Kinsey. Never mind.