Friday, February 10, 2012

Why They Hate Us So.

The Current Resident seems to have backed down on his insistance that Catholic groups provide contraception and abortion service free of charge in their health insurance. He is now saying that the insurance companies will have to pay for it. So if a Church provides insurance to its employees in a policy from X company than X company HAS TO provide this coverage. He still gets what he wants.

NOW HERE THIS: The current resident has no Constitutional authority to mandate that Churches do anything! So now he looks like he is respectful of the Churches concerns with this compromise BUT he has no constitutional authority to mandate that insurance companies provide a service at a price he dictates.

As many hail this compromise we lose sight of the fact that he is acting outside the powers of the president and that day by day we lose bits of our freedoms. Which is what he wants any way. As my football coach used to say. "By the yard its hard. By the inch its a cinch."

Please understand if he gets away with overstepping in this there is no reason he can't over step where ever he wants when ever he wants.

It looks like he is retreating from his attack on the Catholic Church but he will be back because as Father Barron stated the great enemy to liberal totalitarians is the Catholic Church.


A Secular Franciscan said...

He is merely playing a shell game. I hope the bishops don't get sucker punched again.

TʁaɳsғѻʁшɛÐ➟ЯΞΒΞⅬ said...

I am still aggravated by the thought of him getting away with this...that it is even a discussion. I should be used to all this by now,and not be surprised...but just too far. He's violating the very First Amendment which our Country was founded on [once again]. Not to mention how he acts as though the first two paragraphs of The Declaration of Independance don't even exist! *rage*