Saturday, May 05, 2012

One of the up sides of the current resident’s hostile distain of the Catholic church is that the bishops have grown a pair. 

They are seeing the folly of 'go along to get along'. They have remembered that you cannot compromise with the devil.  So finally they are saying "no" to those Catholics who think it is ok to slice and dice babies from speaking at Catholic Schools. One such case is that Rep Bob Hagan has been uninvited to speak because of his pro child murder stance. The thing is that Hagan just can't understand it he said, “I have fought for social justice my entire life and today, I am one disappointed Catholic. After being invited to give the commencement speech at Mercy Nursing School here in Youngstown, I got a call telling me that the Bishop has overruled their invite and they have rescinded the invitation because of some of the political positions I have taken. I am saddened that the work that I have done to feed the poor, clothe the naked, help cure the sick, and to bring an end to the death penalty has fallen on deaf ears.”

So for him he believes that these goods outweigh the evil of his support of the wholesale slaughter of children which he calls a political position. He is not alone.

Interesting that we would vote for someone who does these goods but actively maintains the okedness of the slicing and dicing of babies for the health of the mother but we would never vote for someone who said it would be ok to slap your wife occasionally for the health of the marriage.

I pray for Rep Hagan that he may gain sight and I continue to pray for the bishops that they stay strong.

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A Secular Franciscan said...

There is a blindness. I even had for time a Congressman who described himself as Catholic and pro-life - yet he supported abortion in cases of rape and incest. He was puzzled when I said he was not following Catholic teachings and that he was not really pro-life.