Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Gilbert in transition; spat over

I just got the latest Gilbert.

In it, Dale Ahlquist announced some changes in the magazine, prompted in part by financial necessity, though I wonder if there some other factors in play.

Whatever the case, there have already been some changes, and there are apparently more in the works.

I wait to find out what Gilbert will become. It's been an important part of my life for a number of years now - one of the few print magazines I still receive, and the only one I read cover to cover.

One change that has occurred (on my part) is the end of a mini feud.

Last fall I noted in a snarky post that for some reason none of my clerihews had been published in more than five years - despite the fact that they had been appearing regularly for several years prior to that. I had submitted a number of them during those black hole years, but none of them surfaced. I wrote to ask what as going on, and even spoke to Dale.

Then, suddenly, after almost six years, one of mine appeared in the last issue. I wondered if it was a fluke. But this new issue contained another one.

Maybe they had all been buried under a slush pile and with all the rains this year the slush finally washed away to reveal them.

Whatever the case, thank you editors.

Why, I may even start submitting some more recent ones!

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