Sunday, February 16, 2020

A few clerihews

A batch of clerihews from early last year -

Genial Elwood P. Dowd
could easily mix with any crowd,
but those crowds would always tend
to quickly disperse when he introduced his "friend."

seems to have a hidden agenda:
she'll respond to requests from you,
but sometimes also record what you say and do.
Ayn Rand
wanted to be a singer with the band.
Alas, her audition went badly,
because all she could sing was "Mi, Mi, Mi."
Geoffrey Chaucer
never drank tea from a saucer.
But this wasn't due to courtly manners, you see,
it was just that in his day England didn't have saucers - or tea.
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam
has reason to feel pretty glum.
How do you deny something that's come to light
when it's there for all to see in black and white?
Chris Cuomo
tweeted Mika from "Morning Joe,"
"Isn't it great we still get our pay
no matter what we say?"


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