Monday, August 15, 2005

Gresham and Jack

I haven't followed much hoopla about the upcoming Narnia movie -- only the few items that I've posted here. But this article is good; it talks about co-producer Douglas Gresham's relationship with C.S. Lewis.
Gresham knew C.S. Lewis (Jack) personally when he was a child; Douglas Gresham is one of two stepsons of C.S. Lewis from Lewis's marriage to Gresham's mother, Joy Davidman. One of Gresham's fondest memories of him was Jack's sense of humor and wit.
"The one thing that is always lost in recollections of Jack in movies and biographies about Jack is his enormous humor and vibrancy of his wit. You couldn't be with Jack for more than five or ten minutes without roaring with laughter. One of the great hallmarks of the Inklings meetings was the gales of laughter that came as they discussed each other’s work," said Gresham.
LINK [Ginny McCabe. WorldNetDaily. August 13, 2005]


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

I'm laughing right about now.

Anyway, I haven't a clue...
what's an Inkling?


Joe said...

Faith: you are laughing because I made the comment at your new blog about how the comments at C&F had not yet been spammed? Well, I have to eat my words ... and wash them down with a pint.

The Inklings were a group of Oxford literary and drinking buddies: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and company. You can read more about them here at wikipedia: LINK

Anonymous said...

For a short period of time, I would wash down my morning coffee with a Foster's Lager- they really went well together, but I thought I had better not make a habit of cooling down from my coffee with a beer. But they really went well together :)
Have an editor friend who attended Oxford- will ask him about this. I will be back to read more-

Thanks for the links-

Congrats on the spam!

Joe said...

"I should very much like to know what those who have an answer to everything can say about the food requisite to breakfast? Those great men Marlowe and Jonson, Shakespeare, and Spenser before him, drank beer at rising, and tamed it with a little bread."

- Hilaire Belloc, The Path to Rome

rhapsody said...

Thanks Joe!
And I thought I was the only one...
Do you know if they liked to play cards too?


Lucy said...

As any woman will tell you, there's just something about a man with a good sense of humor. It can take you a long ways.(in life, in general) :o)