Friday, August 26, 2005

Noteworthy This Week in Blogland

Basement Man ("an average guy with a wife and daughter who lives and works in America") posted his impressions of GKC's What's Wrong with the World. Here is one snippet:
There are natural consequences to sex. Our attitude toward sex now is flippant. What if the consequence for whistling or lighting a cigarette were that an angel or genie were tied to our necks like supernatural balloons? Would we be so eager to perform these acts? Chesterton’s point is that sex has major consequences; it isn’t simply something we can do and forget — there are lasting impressions from the act.

The author at The Life and Opinions of Andrew Rilstone wrote a report of his summer holiday trip to the Tolkien Society's conference and convention (Aston University, Birmingham, England).
One occasionally ended up feeling sorry for the academics. It must be rare enough for them to be addressing students who have actually read the text under discussion; and unheard of to have an audience who have all read it dozens of times. One speaker made the mistake of implying that Frodo only goes to the Undying Lands in spirit, and had to deal with quotes from the Silmarillion in the question and answer session.

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