Friday, October 07, 2005

Oct 7: Lepanto & Our Lady of the Rosary

The Battle of Lepanto by Paolo Veronese (c.1528-1588)

Apart from the signal defeat of the Albigensian heretics at the battle of Muret in 1213 which legend has attributed to the recitation of the Rosary by St. Dominic, it is believed that Heaven has on many occasions rewarded the faith of those who had recourse to this devotion in times of special danger. More particularly, the naval victory of Lepanto gained by Don John of Austria over the Turkish fleet on the first Sunday of October in 1571 responded wonderfully to the processions made at Rome on that same day by the members of the Rosary confraternity.
[LINK. Catholic Encyclopedia. 1912]

Vivat Hispania!
Domino Gloria!
Don John of Austria
Has set his people free!
[LINK. Chesterton. Lepanto. 1915]

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