Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gilbert is Here

The new issue of Gilbert Magazine is out. I just got my copies today. I suspect they should be hitting mailboxes within the next day or two.

It looks like a good one: Dale Ahlquist writes about the Catholic convert Alec Guinness, John Peterson spins two excellent stories, Mike Foster pulls Evelyn Waugh off the shelf, and more.

Consider subscribing to the magazine. It's in its ninth year, which by itself is quite an accomplishment for such a niche publication.


Nick Milne said...

Since getting my complementary copy in October, I had been meaning to subscribe to GILBERT in time for the next issue. Witness, then, the perils of procrastination.

If I signed up now, do you think they'd still send me one?

E said...

This issue? I'm not sure how long it takes for subscriptions to "kick in," but I'm pretty sure you can always buy back issues from the American Chesterton Society.