Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hilaire is Here

The long awaited first issue of King's Land: A Home for Bellocian Thought arrived in my mailbox yesterday. King's Land is the journal of the fledgling American Belloc Society. The columns are presently: As I Please, The Path to Rome, On..., Bringing Belloc to Bear, Liturgy and Sanity, and (of course) Schall on Belloc.

It was enjoyable to read this 17 page pamphlet of short essays. Most were quite good, especially Christopher Ruckdeschel's On... "Economic Personism," which gave an introduction to the heart of Distributism. James Vogel's essay for The Path to Rome: "The Genius of Belloc" was a good introduction to the man. One essay, Liturgy and Sanity: "Whither Church Music?," did not fit well with the others, as it made no effort to directly tie itself to Belloc (other than putting one's dissatisfaction into words). But overall it was good to read and I look forward to the next issue.

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You can read the reprinted essay by Fr Schall, "Permanence," online at his Georgetown webpage.

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