Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some scans from The Coloured Lands

As promised, here are some images from Chesterton's The Coloured Lands that have never before been seen online (or so my most ardent searching would seem to indicate). The images are nice and big, so be sure to click on them for the enlarged view.

And we shall round it out with one of his darling caricatures of rage:

Next time there will be some more text from the book, as well as a caricature series entitled "Immortal Idiots" in which such characters as Abel, Charles I, and Horatio Nelson meet their doom.


FeatherIron said...

Love your sites! I put you in my side bar, hope that's ok. If not let me know.

Sincerely, a once baptist turned pentecostal who loves mostly Catholic and Anglican apologetics and so just calls herself Christian.

Nick Milne said...

It's absolutely okay, Carole. Welcome to the circle!

Joe said...

Carole: Have you read any Flannery O'Connor?