Wednesday, March 14, 2007

GKC at Culture Wars

I hear the current issue of Culture Wars has a "hatchet job" on Chesterton. I went to the site but couldn't find anything, except this nice review by James Bruen (a good man, based on my electronic corresondence with him) of Ahlquist's two GKC books.

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Dad29 said...

There's an article which is quite contentious, but I wouldn't call it a "hatchet job."

THe author takes GKC to task for GKC's unjustified calumniations of the Kaiser and the Prussians (in favor, of course, of Merrie Olde England.)

The author contends that GKC's view of England is through rose-colored glasses, insofar as he kind of forgets the drug-runners, slave-traders, and military brutalizers in England's history while criticizing Germans for stuff which was far less odious.

CW does not run all its articles online--never has.