Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That's No Lady. That's Luciferette

When my issue of Gilbert comes I begin reading it on my walk home from the post office. I start with News With Views, because you can read those short pieces and walk at the same time. I was held (laughing) by THE DEVIL IS A GENTLEMAN, BUT APPARENTLY GOD IS NOT. It was another attempt at making a Scriptural change from God the Father into God Mother or at least a He/She – inclusive language type crap. But the Devil is never included in the radical feminist lexicon as female and it’s about time she was. So I wrote this, (and managed to get a GKC quote in it to boot)…
When the Devil sleeps
does she have nightmares?
of her doing a kindness,
getting caught in the light,
or are they like ours
tangible images of guilt?
Is it when she tosses and turns
over the future of her children
that things happen?
A man notices that
his newspaper girl’s tits
are bigger than his wife’s:
he carries a gun to work.
A thousand children
are born with
holes in their hearts.
Are her nightmares that
her only real failure
was with Jonah, Peter
and so many of those other
foolish heroes.

Her only real success
is that “the Christian ideal has
not been tried and found wanting;
it has been found difficult
and left untried.”

Maybe she is an
afraid to sleep
knowing that is
when the other wins.
A longing for equal competition?

When awake
does she take pride in her work?
Is she simply fighting for
equal billing?
Her name
above the title?

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Hey Alan, Beth Catton is trying to find you