Monday, April 16, 2007

Sickness and a promise

I'm feeling pretty rough right now, both in body and in mood, so I can't bring myself to do proper justice to our beloved Gilbert. However, I will be more clear now about what I alluded to in the post of last Monday.

While reading some biographical material on Belloc and Chesterton (some separate treatments, some dual) I discovered a number of photographs that have not, as yet, been available for the internet public's general consumption. These photographs are generally of Gilbert, including some truly excellent shots of him in 18th Century-type attire (as a quite creditable Dr. Johnson), likely for the purpose of some pantomime or other, but there are also some shots of people we rarely (if ever) see, like Maurice Baring, Fr. Vincent McNabb, and even Cecil Chesterton (!). There are also pictures of the Junior Debating Club, Msgr. John O'Connor, Gilbert with Andre Maurois (for some reason) and more. I had hoped to have scanned them last week but what with the grant coming in and the term ending I never found the time.

I hope to have that remedied today or tomorrow. My final exams begin on Tuesday, and any prayers you might see fit to wing my way would be greatly appreciated.


Chestertonian said...

We ran a picture of Cecil in the magazine a few issues back, to accompany a Miscellany of Men article about him. He was decked out in his WWI uniform.

Nick Milne said...

That's one of the pictures I found. He has almost a Benny Hill look to him!

There's another one of him with Gilbert, Frances and some others, though, which may be worth getting.

Chestertonian said...

they sure would be.

The Ignatius edition of the Autobiography has tons of pics, including Junior Debate Club, as Dr. Johnson, etc.