Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So what would GKC say about the Virginia Tech shootings? I'm not sure he ever addressed the issue of gun control, though I found this at Roy Moore's Distributist Review:

"[A] disarmed public is one that is easily controlled. Neither Belloc nor Chesterton advocated gun control during their day. And neither do we."

I don't have much time to research GKC's thoughts on societal violence, mass murders, or anything else at this point. The comments are open. If you want to see my initial thoughts about the incident, you can go to The Daily Eudemon.

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Chestertonian said...

The Straws in the Wind article in our sword issue last fall (Oct./Nov.) contains Chesterton's thoughts on the right to bear arms (he was talking about swords, but his argumens apply to firearms). The right to bear arms was the mark of a free man, he said. Only slaves were prohibited to bear arms.