Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dorothy Sayers Meeting

An acquaintance from my Gilbert Magazine days sends this along:

For those who can't get to St. Paul for the Chesterton convention, the Dorothy L. Sayers Society is having its decennial U.S. meeting at Wheaton College outside Chicago that same weekend.

Marjorie Mead, of the Wade Library at Wheaton College, will be giving a talk on ‘"A very personal debt of gratitude": DLS and G K. Chesterton’ at 9 a.m. on Saturday, June 16th. The talk will be held in the Barrows Auditorium of the Billy Graham Center. There are one-day tickets to the conference available for $45, plus $10 for a temporary Sayers Society membership. Other talks on Saturday include DLS and the Theatre by Christopher Dean, president of the DLS Society, “The Novels of Dorothy L. Sayers,” by Crystal Downing, and “Adapting DLS for the Stage,” by Frances Limoncelli. Meals are not included in the daily fee. On Saturday night, there is Frances Limoncelli’s adaptation of “Gaudy Night” for another $15.

The regular registration deadline has passed, but I don’t think commuter registration is closed, and the recent confirmation letter from Wade asked people to keep publicizing the conference. Conference information is at this link and the contact person is

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