Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday #133

Surprise... Joe, here. I haven't posted for nearly a year, and I don't know what the (much more) regular writers of this blog might have prepared for today. But last year the guys put together a great commemoration of Chesterton, and posted it during the days from the anniversary of Gilbert's birth (May 29) and death (June 14). And so, as is my custom, I refer you to something written by others. Here are the articles from last year's birth to death commemoration:

May 29, A Chestertonian Celebration, by Nick
May 30, GKC's Engagement, by Eric
May 30, A Letter from GK to his Mother, by Nick
May 31, Chesterton-Shaw Debates, by Eric
May 31, Gilbert for your Public Library, by Alan
June 1, Gilbert and Frances: Always Lovers, by Lee
June 2, 1914, by Kyro
June 3, The Chestertonian Life, by Nick
June 4, Quotes from the Coren biography, by Eric
June 5, Gilbert in the Countryside, by Nick
June 6, Chesterton as Journalist, by Eric
June 7, Chesterton as Distributist, by Alan
June 8, Chesterton as Papist, by Lee
June 9, Chesterton as Mystery Novelist, by Kyro
June 10, The Chestertonian Life in Practice, by Nick
June 12, Gilbert's Travels, by Nick
June 13, Chesterton and Belloc, by Eric
June 14, The Death of the Man Who Lived, by Nick

Eat some Stilton cheese, drink a glass of red wine, smoke a cigar with friends; celebrate as you deem fit ... but celebrate! And, of course, read some Chesterton.



Nick Milne said...

Three cheers for the man who lived!




Chestertonian said...


Happy birthday, GKC! :-D

A good day to picnic on the roof, or maybe with a wheel of cheddar and a barrel of rum, with an inn sign for company.

Pick a sword fight with someone! Throw a rock through the window of your local newspaper!

Propose to your wife! Knock on your front door and ask to enter, of better yet, break into your house!

Finally, compose a love poem to our Lady. :-)

Chestertonian said...

BE THANKFUL. Look at everything as if seeing it for the very first time.