Thursday, December 09, 2010

No new celluloid this year

This most amazing quote from this article is this, “Studios don't usually take sides in culture-wars debates.”

Um? What?! Of course they do and do it all the time.

They hold up abortion as a secular sacrament. Movies like Bella, Juno, Waitress, and Knocked Up were exceptions and were lambasted by the critics because of their message not the quality of the film.

Homosexuality is held up as good and here it is impossible to find one film that says and/or gives a stance that same sex cohabitation is a bad, (OK except for comic or “stupid” characters).

The idea in films about Marriage for life is used as a joke. Even with Disney the family is not intact-quickly name one Disney film where either the mother is not dead or not evil.

The problem is not that the people do not want Christmas movies but that the “A list” movie makers lack the understanding and sensitivity to make one without having their tongue firmly planted in their cheek.

Mark Shea did a very good write up of this attitude here.

Where’s the Frank Capra of this generation? I know he is out there but he can’t get the funding.


Lee Strong said...

The only Christmas movies seemingly being made these days are on television - plus some shows have Christmas episodes (did you catch the "Warehouse 13" Christmas?). I agree; it would be nice to have more.

By the way, there is a St. Nicholas movie in production. Not sure when it will come out.

Alan Capasso said...

Yes good tv movies I only wish they could find another plot besides boy, girl or dog saves Christmas by rescuing Santa from the evil Santa, depression or bachelorhood. Oh I don't know maybe something that carries the hope and joy of the birth of Christ