Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tony's feast day

Really, who doesn't love this guy.

This prayer has always worked for me:

Anthony, Anthony
I've looked all around
somethings been lost
and can't be found.

Dear St Anthony i pray
bring it back with out delay.

When I was coaching and one of my players was off their game, we said that prayer together. It worked.

or what grandma taught her daughters

Anthony Anthony
find me a man
as fast as you can.

My Grand mother had a very personal relationship with the saints. There were several statues of her favorites around her house. She would talk to them and offer up novenas through them for certain things to happen. If after such a novena, to a particular saint, the thing she wanted did not happen she would show her disappointment in them by turning that saints statue upside down.

When we would visit her we could tell what kind of mood she would be in by how many statues were upside down.

Saint Anthony got a real work out in my Grandma's life time yet his statue was rarely upside down.

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