Friday, August 25, 2006

A quick hit of infamy for you

I've just stopped into an internet cafe on my way home from work to post about another blood-boiling epoch in the new curiously iconophile west.

So great is the ardour of Da Vinci Code fans that they have now been moved to vandalise and cart off material from churches that do not, in fact, feature in the story at all, but are similar to things in it. Case in point: St. Luke's (likely Anglican) in Shropshire.

The Reverend Charmian Beech blamed a pair of 'Da Vinci Code-style' treasure hunters for causing thousands of pounds worth of damage as they searched for clues to help them find the Grail.

Stonework was chipped off in four areas inside her church as the offenders tried to remove blocks from the walls to see what is behind them, she said.

The chief suspects are two shadowy Italian men who visited the church that day.

Well, at least they're not Huguenots.


Ransom said...

How long until someone suggests that they were 'really' members of Opus Dei trying to cover their tracks?

Nick Milne said...

This dark possibility is playfully hinted at in the article itself, in fact.