Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Second Spring

I received an email from John Zmirak, new writer-in-residence at St. Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, informing me of a new project:

"We recently launched a new journal, Second Spring: An International Journal of Faith and Culture, edited by the Oxford-based theologian Stratford Caldecott. This thoughtful, thought-provoking journal explores and advances the mission of a Catholic intellectual in the context of contemporary culture. Published twice per year, subjects regularly covered in Second Spring include the arts, sciences, technology, liturgy, new ecclesial movements, metaphysics, history, literature, poetry, and the world of books."

They're offering a 50% discount right now. I bet it'll be good. Zmirak might be the best Catholic writer alive. Scamper over.

(Aside: I responded to Zmirak, congratulating him on landing a position at the location of the annual Chesterton Conference. Kind of embarrassing. His is the school in New Hampshire, not the one in St. Paul, Minnesota. Oh well, I received his email in the heat of the work day, just as the morning caffeine burst was wearing off. I'm sure he understands.)

Thomas More College - Second Springa

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