Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stupid is as Stupid does

What Eliot Spitzer did with those naughty ladies of the night is between him and his wife and him and God. We will pray for him. Of course it cost him his dream job, he will become the butt of many jokes for a long time and he may even have to do some jail time because our system of justice nevvverrrr favors the rich and powerful. But remember, within the Democratic Party this kind of activity is usually a resume booster. Look what it did for Jerry Springer.

Both Springer and Spitzer support Hillary Clinton because Bill is their hero – sin attracts sin and as Mark Shea tells us: “Sin makes you stupid.”

Psalm 94: "Can judges who do evil be your friends? They do injustice under the cover of law; they attack the life of the just and condemn innocent blood."

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