Sunday, January 09, 2011

a bad idea in a sad time

"They", the fanatically polically correct, are removing the "N" word and other offensive words from Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". (here and here and almost everywhere).
I remember the uproar when Ted Turner started colorizeing all the Black and White films he owned. "It (colorizing) is a process of dissembling the historical and artistic fabric of our landmarks," Cates said. "Once you say you can add color, why can't you add a different score, add shots, re-edit it, or do anything you want?" Ted does not do this anymore.
The same can be said for books. Some publisher may not like the ending of a book so he changes it since the author is long dead - no law suit. No one owns the works of Mark Twain yet some feel it neccesary to change it, mostly those 'that have fallen off the left side of the boat white people'.
If this goes unchallenged imagin what They might do to Chesterton. Although most of Them don't know he ever existed.
In true fairness they should just remove all the Ns from Twain's work so the lead character will now be called Huck Fi.

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Teresa said...

How absurd! There is no good excuse for their altering great literary works.

Let's remove "n" from the alphabet.