Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sonogram technol-oh-gee has come a long way. they can now pick up the faintest sounds in the womb


Anonymous said...

I am directing James Forsyth's play "Dear Wormwood" this spring, and I saw from your archive that you produced the same play back in 2006. I haven't noticed the devil trying to sabotage the performance (yet), but I am having some trouble finding the right scripts. Are there two versions of the play in existence? The version on Googlebooks doesn't seem to match the one I borrowed from the library. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Alan Capasso said...

my script was written by James Forsyth as well but called SCREWTAPE.
I got my script from the Dramatic publishing company of Woodstock Illinois.
It varies from the book in that Screwtape walks around with Wormwood to coach him. This makes for better dramatic action and it works on stage It's long and we used some editing especially Wormwoods speeches at the end that wondered a bit far from the Lewis's book and was theologically incorrect.

Also there are several scripts out there based on this book.
Good luck.