Wednesday, January 26, 2011

March for Life

This has been the first time in many years since I did the March for Life. Last time I was there the march encountered several loud anti life groups along the march. There was a large visible presence of all the major networks. These are no longer there. The only media truck I saw was from EWTN and a few local news stations. The only anti life comments I heard were when we were walking to the mall I over heard a lady on her phone say, "Yea and they are making such a mess of the streets". - The other was when our bus (and several others) stopped 2 hours outside of DC I heard a trucker say, "I'm going to give money to the first pro-choice group I see." Hey, he was upset - a LARGE group of teenagers had invaded his truck stop.

The opposition has changed its tactics. They no longer confront because confrontation draws media. They now believe they are invincible and treat the pro-life movement as a child that does cute but stupid things.

When I first went there was a lot of political chanting - "End it now!" "No more Death!" etc. This year I heard several rosaries said, the divine Mercy chaplet was sung and I overheard one priest say to another, "We've lost Sister Mary Dominic." (OK that one just cracked me up).

When I first went the make up of the march was mostly middle aged white people. Now the majority of the participants were young and there was a large contingent of people of color. It was good to see the young there it lets me see this issue is being passed down and embraced.

I am not deluded to think that this issue will be resolved by the Supreme Court any time soon.

Certain demons can only be driven out through prayer and fasting.

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