Monday, July 25, 2005

Islam and the First Amendment

This excerpt is from the article "Islam and the First Amendment" by Thomas E. Brewton; published July 22 at Intellectual Conservative.

Within the Judeo-Christian tradition in the United States many different, relatively self-contained, religious and cultural communities have existed. But none of these ever denied the supremacy of the Constitution in political affairs, as do the Muslims.

Today, however, we are being pushed by liberal-socialists’ “tolerance” for hedonism toward a lawless abyss that, with the power of modern weaponry, will make the turmoil of Muslim militancy in the Middle Ages seem like the Garden of Eden.

The thrust of both liberal-socialism and Islam is to institute a form of feudal collectivism in which citizens become a modern version of serfs, whose every economic and social action is subject to unlimited regulation by government. Citizens, since the New Deal socialism of the 1930s, have gradually surrendered the Constitution’s protections of individual property and other rights against arbitrary government, in return for the nanny state in which government decides what people are entitled to receive. In short, the Servile State anticipated by Hilaire Belloc.

As has happened with so many provisions of the Constitution since 1937, those in political ascendance, either liberals or Muslims, will interpret the First Amendment to mean whatever is convenient for their desires, or simply abolish the Constitution.

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