Monday, July 04, 2005

Thanks and a Little Belloc

Many thanks to Joe Tremblay for keeping the blog site going while I was on vacation.

A few of my favorite Belloc quotes from The Path to Rome that I keyed-in during vacation. I was holed-up in our rented cabin for quite a few hours while my baby (Tess, three months) slept, so I had plenty of time for reading, writing, and straight typing:

“I will tell you this much; it is the moment (not the year or the month, mind you, nor even the hour, but the very second) when a man is grown up, when he sees things as they are (that is, backwards), and feels solidly himself. Do I make myself clear? No matter, it is the Shock of Maturity, and that must suffice for you.”

“It is quite clear that the body must be recognized and the soul kept in its place, since a little refreshing food and drink can do so much to make a man.”

“Those great men Marlowe and Jonson, Shakespeare, and Spenser before him, drank beer at rising, and tamed it with a little bread.”

While reading Tacitus, Belloc says he found “this excellent truth, that barbarians build their houses separate, but civilized men together.”

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