Friday, July 22, 2005

New in Blogland

  • Thursday is a new blog subtitled "for all those chasing after Sunday on this sometimes absurd adventure." The author has begun with an original poem "An Ode on Cheese." The mysterious silence has been broken. And now Dr. Thursday has come forth with his own rhymes on the subject of cheese. He wrote it nearly 11 years ago; we finally get to share a bite of his delectable cheese verse. Thank you!

  • Splash About! is a new blog subtitled "my paper to splash about in ... a kind of scrap book to keep me quiet." The author has begun with some commentary on What's Wrong With the World's first chapter as he reads Chesterton's book.

  • A Prodigy of Imbecility is a blogger's yet another attempt to begin again. He begins with a quotation from GKC: "There is beauty, not only in wisdom, but in this dazed and dramatic ignorance."

  • Blogimus Maximus is reading and commenting on Hilaire Belloc's Survivals and New Arrivals. Maximus writes that "Reading Belloc does not tell you much about the matter of history, that is true enough - but as regards the form of history, he is suberb. I would say, in general, that he is of little use as an instructor, but he helps one to organize what one has already learned, and to see it in a new light."

  • Maureen Martin of, as mentioned here earlier, posted a satirical composition about Chestertonians. Some friends of GK thought it was in bad taste but I liked it ... a lot. It is a matter of opinion. I hope Maureen will someday spoof Hilaire Belloc: you know, about a guy who decides to hike across countries to Rome leaving his wife and young children at home. And if I say nice things about Maureen Martin perhaps she'll link to us - because that is what bloggers do.

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Maureen Martin said...

Hello Joe,

Thanks for the kind words. I just linked to you. You guys are right under "The Sunny Side" blog. Hey, "In Poor Taste" might make a good tagline for my blog.*g*

Intriguing idea about Belloc...hmmm

God bless, Maureen Martin