Monday, April 17, 2006

Chesterton Conference

It's that time of year again!

The 25th Annual G.K. Chesterton Conference is gearing up for its June 15th start date. The three-day event will play host to lectures, seminars, feasting and and the making of extravagant toasts, and is this year centered around Charles Dickens, coming as it does during the 100th anniversary of the publication of Chesterton's Charles Dickens.

The Conference runs from June 15th to June 17th at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn.,, and attendance is free! Of course, you will have to register and pay for your lodging and food, unless you feel like making your own plans about that. But who would want to miss a grand banquet with other Chestertonians?

Of note on the agenda this year are the following...

  • "Chesterton and Marshall McLuhan," with John Peterson, founder of Gilbert Magazine
  • "Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin: The Two Who Never Met," with Stanley Jaki, acclaimed author
  • "Chesterton and C.S. Lewis," with Joseph Pearce, a most excellent gentleman and biographer of Chesterton, Belloc and Tolkien
  • "Chesterton and The Da Vinci Code," with Carl Olson, famed editor of IgnatiusInsight, the online magazine of the Ignatius Press
  • As a special treat, there is to be a performance of Chesterton's play, The Surprise
All in all, it looks very promising.

Further information (all relevant information, in fact) can be found here. Be sure to get moving on this soon, for June cometh right quick.

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