Monday, April 24, 2006

GKC in my Basement Study

An assortment of GK biographies and a few other neat GKC books, chosen mostly at random from my GKC collection. The wine bottles are there for the effect. I haven't drank them yet, but plan to shortly.

Not the greatest shot, I know, but I'm still working on this digital camera thing. The black blob, by the way, is Coren's biography of the great man.

The two books standing upright are somewhat valuable editions of The Poet and the Lunatic and The Coloured Lands.

(I posted this, incidentally, on 4/25/2006, but I can't get the doggone date stamp to change.)

1 comment:

Nick Milne said...

Your copy of The Coloured Lands lounging up against that wine bottle appears to be of the same edition from which I have so lately been scanning.

I guess that will happen when a book has as limited a run as it did.