Monday, July 03, 2006

Still more on the young Chestertonian front

Last week it was This Red Rock; this week it's the Enchiridion.

This largely poetic blog is the province of a young woman named Sheila, a medievalist, iconoclast and devotee of Gilbert. The name of the blog is taken from a Greek term, most memorably used by our friend King Alfred, for a large tome he kept in which he kept note of sayings and citations that he found interesting or worthwhile.

The most notable recent content at Enchiridion is an open call for triolets, a wee form of poetry in the tradition of the Clerihew or the Haiku, as far as expansiveness goes. An example from Gilbert (from "Sociological Triolets") follows:

The Collectivist State
Is a prig and a bandit.
I despise and I hate
The Collectivist State;
It may be My Fate,
But I'm damned if I'll stand it!
The Collectivist State
Is a prig and a bandit.

So, in Sheila we have found a conglomeration of attributes that are all too rare in the blogosphere: Chesterton, medievalism, classical poetry, and femininity. Be sure to check her out.


Sheila said...

Am I an iconoclast? Really? I did not know that about myself. Maybe I just don't have enough pictures on my sidebar. ;)

As for the triolet contest, I need more submissions! Furor, will you write some? Or perhaps your readers would like to try their hands? An explanation of how to write a triolet is on my blog. It's easy once you have the first two lines!

Nick Milne said...

I do not mean to accuse of the ancient heresy, of course; to be an iconoclast against modern times is no shame.

And I will make some triolets for you. I'll put some together at work today, and hopefully post them to your blog tomorrow.