Friday, December 22, 2006

Got my Magazine

Well, I finally got my Gilbert "Sword Issue." Have read most of it at this point, but I have to say that one of the things that really stands out is the artwork. GKC is underestimated as a cartoonist and an illustrator. There are some fabulous drawings of duellists throughout the magazine. They range from comical characters, to figures impeccably rendered in the midst of dynamic physical exertion. Along this same theme, would like to add that my current Chesterton reading is the GKC Sherlock Holmes edition that came out a couple years ago. I grew up loving those stories with the Paget illustrations, it should be a fun read to see and study the GKC sketches for the Holmsian canon.

Above is a (poorly done) example of the art of the medieval and renaissance fencing manuals which I alluded to in my article. In clockwise order, they come from MS I.33 (13th century), Albrecht Durer(15th cent), Capo Ferro (16th Century), and Girard Thibault (17th centure). I include them mostly for those of you with an interest can google them, as well as the fact that the sword issue was visually gorgeous to look at it seemed right to continue the theme.

Have a great weekend.

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