Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Gilbert is Here

The new Gilbert Magazine is here. Though they appear to be a little behind schedule, it's a good issue: The Sword Edition. It's all about swords. GKC's sword stick, GKC quotes about swords, a tour of sword heaven by Dale Ahlquist and our own Kyro Lantsberger (including a picture of the two wearing lady-like white gloves--hee hawwww, that oughtta get a response from Mr. Lantsberger in the comments section), an article by Kyro that is worth checking out, "The Pen is (Not Always) Mightier than the Sword" (which features yet another picture of the Kyro-meister; it should be noted that my picture never once appeared in the magazine; I never learned the reasons, but someone once used the word "assfacious" when referring to me, which I think is an off-color insult).


Kyro said...

Ok, I hate responding to such obvious bait, especially considering that I probably wont see the actual issue for 6 weeks or so considering how the mailing seems to work.

In regards to the picture, or your lack of one, I must draw from your post about the elliptical machine on TDE. Ive known some genetic "freak" atheletes powerful enough to break exercise machines, but Im pretty sure that isnt you. Couple this with the face comment, and I think the answer should become shockingly clear. I have a feeling that the Sears man isnt going to fix that poor piece of equipment so much as euthanize it.

In regards to my glove picture, I consider them to look more like Dracula gloves. I tend only to drink......wine.

Actually, the gloves are for handling the weapons, I dont know which pics got into the magazine, but the oldest sword we got to handle was dated to circa 9th century from Northern Europe. Very spooky to handle something that was old at the time of the Crusades, and an antique in its own right at the time St. Francis walked the Earth. Sweat and oil from skin would quickly deteriorate many of these artifacts.

I dont want to dwell too much on this, will probably wait until my day on Friday, I hopefully have my magazine by then. There was so much information coming out of that visit I really want to see what Dale chose to include.

I do just have to say that Craig Johnson, our contact person at the Oakeshott Institute (www.oakeshott.org/www.armor.com) was terrific to deal with. Craig, Dale, and I all clicked very well. Craig later had a "Who is this guy, and why haven't I heard of him before?" moment, not with Dale or myself, but with Chesterton.

Chestertonian said...

The issue was delayed because our printer was having some major problems.

Kyro's name was changed to "Kyro Lance-berger" for this very special editon of GM. :-)