Thursday, February 15, 2007

A pro-life pro-choice message

I first saw this picture a week or so ago. It popped up in a couple of different places, usually with critical comments from prolifers.

But rather than being dismayed, I’m pleased. I think we need to see more images of women like this.

I believe this picture sends a powerful pro-life message – even if the young lady doesn’t realize it.

Think about it.

“My baby is prochoice.”

If the child is prochoice, that implies that it is capable of making a choice. That means that the child has a mind, it is a sentient being capable of thought and choice even in utero.

Hence this woman is admitting that she has an intelligent being within her – not simply a product of conception or just a lump of tissue.

And that this woman believes this child is an intelligent being capable of choice is morally and ethically significant. It’s hard to imagine an intelligent being would choose to be killed – unless that being is sacrificing himself/herself for a noble purpose. That suggests a high level of moral thought on the part of the child. Moreover, admitting that someone is consciously choosing to die for us forces us to look at the reasons for that sacrifice. Allowing someone to die for us for the sake of convenience, embarrassment, bad timing, or poor finances seems, well, petty.

Then there is the fact that she refers to the child within her as a baby. Even as she promotes the pro-choice position – which denies the humanity of the “product of conception” – she admits that it is a human, a child, a baby.

Finally, she refers to the child as “my baby.” She has acknowledged a connection to this child. Prolifers will tell you that once a woman admits that the life that lies in her womb is a child, and that she has a personal connection to that child, it is highly unlikely that she will abort the baby.

And if she gradually comes to make that connection with her own child, the chances grow that she will begin to see the connection in other women to their own unborn children.

What we need are more pro-choice women like this to undermine their own position to help change the world’s view on abortion.


Keith said...

Good post!

Dad29 said...

Kudos to you and to the lady!

I cannot imagine what 'negatives' are associated with that picture from a pro-life perspective.

Anonymous said...

Totally pro life message.

The mother probably has since been lectured by pro choice friends: you can't call the fetus a "baby" and you can't say the fetus is thinking or has a stake in what happens to him! And the final command: don't look so darned happy when you're carrying a fetus.

PT said...

Don't you just love the irony?!

christina said...

good comments. Funny picture. What a smart way to undermine pro-choice liberals. Hey I might try that the next time around.

vanessa said...

Love it!
But I am a little confused, is the woman pro-choice? or is she just being ironic..because, as explained, that would be very contradictory if she WAS pro-choice and referred to her child as HER baby with the capability to choose for itself. I assume she has really thought out her position when doing this. I think she's pro-life. Right?

Melinda Yeager said...

Absolutely brilliant, my thoughts concur.

Anonymous said...

i think you analyzed this picture way too deeply, im pretty sure she wasnt literally saying the baby had the choice, probably that a pro-choice stance doesnt strictly mean killing the mass of tissue, but that it is a choice that should be kept out of legislation

Lee Strong said...

I simply took her message to its logical conclusion.

Killing a baby, by the way, is not a logical conclusion!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to stress this enough but pro-choice does NOT mean pro-abortion. It is as the name says pro-choice and respecting which ever choice that is. I'll admit not all pro-choicers remember that but the pro-life side is no better. In fact most of the pro-choice people I know would never get an abortion themselves but would also never impose their views on others. All the bitterness and wrong statements from both sides could be cleared up with more understanding of what the opposing side actually stands for. Thank you.