Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is Monday's post

I'm posting this early because I have to go to bed early, for I've started waking up at a more reasonable hour (7AM) every day than I used to. This is in part because it's a good idea generally, in part because I have early classes some days, and in part because the Lenten season approaches, and it's never too early to get into a good habit for that marvelous, dolorous time.

All of which is to say that things will be very lean around here, as far as I'm concerned, or so it is likely. Though one is not generally supposed to talk about Lenten vows for fear of turning one's piety into a sort of pride, it is worth mentioning to you, the people to whom I am committed to provide weekly content, that I have resolved to give up as much of the internet as possible for the course of the season. This includes, regrettably, my personal blog, which I shall not be updating at all. It also includes reading news sites and other blogs, reading or posting on message boards or discussion groups, playing flash-based games in moments of idleness, and any number of other generally aimless things that have so distracted and pleased me over the last year. I need to devote more time to spiritual and frankly real things than I have been, and the internet is the guiltiest party in keeping me away from them. I also need to recommit myself to the literary world that I have, for some time, only been skirting, however substantially. Some have called me well-read, but I could stand to be more so.

So, I have some options. Because I have something of an obligation to post here, and because Chesterton is never impious (even his early agnosticism was reverent!), I could in theory add this particular blog to my list of things demanded by necessity (e-mail, mostly, which is sort of important to my current academic efforts). However, because this is also something I only do in my spare time rather than as a career, I am tempted to lay it aside, as well, for the next few weeks, as nobody likes half-measures.

What do you think?

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Eric said...

Hey, we need you here! Blog on Mondays and offer up the hassle for the souls in Purgatory. With all the extra free time, you should fine all sorts of interesting GKC quotes!