Monday, February 12, 2007

a smaller quandry

Like Nick I too am in a quandry. Nothing philosophical, spiritual or of a literary bent but a mystery none-the-less. It is something that is becoming a pebble in my shoe. I hope one of you out there can help me.

We here in the Midwest are in the throws of a serious cold snap what the old folks say is a real winter. However two weeks ago I was looking out my studio window, after scraping off the ice, and there flitting around our Holly bush were not one or two but about a dozen Robins. Somebody (who is smarter at this nature stuff than I) help me out - did these guys forget to leave or did they come back waaaay too early?
Hokay, not hard news about What’s Wrong With The World or stuff that puts you off your feed but hey I find comfort in a well ordered universe and Robins at the beginning of February ain’t right.

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Dad29 said...

We have a few robins which overwinter in Wisconsin, too.