Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Holy Chesterton, Batman!

Sean P. Dailey has started a blog. The Blue Boar. It started August 3rd. If it's like most blogs, it'll have a shelf life of three months (that's a (near) fact, incidentally, not a sarcastic aside). But if we all regularly stop over and tell Sean that J.K. Rowling is a druid and that Tolkien catered to the homosexual lobby, I'm sure we'll keep him fired up for years.


chestertonian said...

Thanks for the plug, Eric! Three months? It may very well be. Your plot to keep me "fired up for years" is deliciously diabolical, however.

I invite everyone here to drop by frequently and often. :-)

diana said...

Three months seems reasonable...I thought I had so many profound things to say instead I discovered I am quite the fool...trying to come up with interesting things to say is nasty! Especially when there are so many interesting blogs out there to read instead! I can see why one would rather be a consumer!

Alarms in Discursions said...

Of course Eric's blog could last much longer then that, in which case we would have another chance to play Cheat the Prophet.