Saturday, August 04, 2007


Greetings All,

It seems that if I post with brevity, I am far more likely to post here frequently.

One thing Ive been tumbling around in my head lately related to GKC is an admiration for his balance. Chesterton's distributist writing, Im thinking Utopia of Usurers and similar titles, are full of Jeremiah like fire and brimstone. You can feel the hot angry breath and flushed cheeks at times coming through. If Chesterton had stayed at this level he would be no different than the Al Gores and other pseudoprophets and politicizers of our day. Chesterton's mind, heart, and faith were large enough that he could rant against injustice to the poor while still shedding a tear for Baroque beauty, sharing a friendship with Shaw, and a beer with Belloc. Balance sounds so zen, but Chesterton shows us a fine example of good Christian magnanimity.

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xxxxxx said...

Good point, that many of us learn the hard way...truths delivered in a calm, witty way usually attracts the most.
BTW your WV is "zoggie". Got a silly definition for that?