Thursday, June 21, 2007

An Easy Essay

People credit Dorothy Day
with starting
the Catholic Worker movement.
Dorothy Day credits Peter Maurin
with the ideas behind
the Catholic Worker movement.
Peter Maurin credits
many Catholic thinkers
for the ideas he had.
In his Easy Essays
Maurin names many of those thinkers.

G. K Chesterton
shows up in the Easy Essays.
Maurin likes to quote
Chesterton’s idea that
“The Christian ideal
has not been tried
hnd found wanting.
It has been found difficult
hnd left untried.”

Maurin cites that quote
several times.

Chesterton shows up again
In an essay called

“R. H Tawney said
that Englishmen wear blinkers.
Because they wear blinkers
the Englishmen
lack vision.
Because they lack vision
the Englishmen
are very strong
for supervision.
And supervision
Is not a substitute
for vision.
A few Englishman
got rid of their blinkers.
Among the Englishmen
Who got rid of their blinkers
one can name:
William Cobbett,
John Ruskin,
William Morris,
Arthur Penty,
Hilaire Belloc,
G. K. Chesterton
Eric Gill ….”

It's easy to see
Peter Maurin
had the right idea.

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