Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Chesterton books/New Gilbert arrive

I received two new Chesterton volumes - more of his newspaper pieces, and the second volume of his poems. The prophet certainly was not averse to writing verse - and who knows how many more poems are floating around out there.

I also received the latest Gilbert. I'm glad to see them deal with the anti-semitism charges head on.

I was also pleased to see this humble blog get a mention.

Amid this cornucopia of Chestertonian delight, my only sorrow was that none of my clerihews got in (though the published ones were good).

Hmm. Maybe the editors had a Chestertonian moment and the ones I submitted a while back are being used as coasters or as bookmarks.


Anonymous said...

Were the two new volumes (the newspaper pieces and the poems) part of Ignatius Press' Collected Works? I know they recently published a second volume of poetry, but I hadn't heard about a new volume of newspaper columns.

A Secular Franciscan said...

Yes - both were Ignatius volumes.

The poetry one was the new one they put out.

The newspaper one had been out, but was "new" in that I had not had it - the Illustrated London News 1908-1910.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much.