Friday, May 01, 2009

Free At Last! Free At Last!

Concerning my post ‘The Ridiculous and the Sublime’, a reader writes: “Alan Capasso, I will pray for your deliverence from the persistant myth that the ignorant, formalized Church, and the dwindling ranks of the priesthood serve any useful function outside the obvious excuse to gather for coffee and donuts in today’s more enlightened society. Enlightened Christians understand that the Church, in reality, lives within each of us, not in “sacred” buildings and in the self-gratifying Vatican. While your priests and a Pontiff locked into the past teach hatred and bias against gays, individual rights, science, freedom to choose and all the wonderful aspects of humanity that Christ celebrated, your mentality stress instead ritual, sin and punishment. Bill Maher is right you know: Formalized religion has done more physical and psychological damage throughout the ages than all the wars it has condoned.”

It is so nice to hear that someone is praying for me, but I have a question. If this Enlighten Christian believes that the Church lives within him or her who exactly is she/he praying to? His/her self?

I have heard that once you become an Enlighten Christian or a Thinking Catholic you become unencumbered by the burden of history and in so doing become your own god. This of course allows you to reinterpret the Good News to mean that Jesus died on the cross so we can do whatever we want. Wonderful! Where do I sign up!

We all know that Bill Maher’s intellectual prowess far outshines that of Chesterton who said stupid stuff like, “Yesterday’s vices are today’s virtues.” Because yesterday’s vices WERE virtues it is just that the Pontificate and priests want to hide the fact that homosexual love is the source and summit of all that is good and wonderful. They did that because, as Dan Brown points out, they have so much money, power and fame to gain. All those schools, universities, and hospitals the Church started and continues to fund and those encyclicals about human rights were just a clever smoke screen to hide the truth that Mary Magdalene had Jesus’ love child.

And Maher is right you know: “Formalized religion has done more physical and psychological damage throughout the ages than all the wars it has condoned”. Since history is no longer a concern I can accept that the secular leaders that have cast off that repressive Church thing have caused no physical and psychological damage. Guys like Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao were only trying to clean up the mess the church made and if you have to kill a few million people to accomplish that it is a small price to pay for enlightenment.

My only sin now is wondering what wars in the past 200 years or so the Church has condoned? Darn that history thing!

I hope Anonymous writes back soon. I love to hear the dying echoes of unreasoned thought bounce around a small mind. Not as much as the sound of a box of silverware falling down a flight of stairs but close.


Theodosius said...

What nonsense and ignorance one has to endure. What tragedy!It is sort of like the pagan neo-pantheists who claim such a devotion and a connection to nature -all the while failing to perceive that which is.... natural (and self-evident). Nature is crying out that God's provision is everywhere. The Summer Sun in Alaska, the water cycle- messages too myriad and beautiful to record. And yet, they would prefer to worship the provision before the Provider; for the sole reason that in doing so, they may avoid the responsibility of virtue.
What is terrible about the latest set of modernist attackers is that they do not have the literacy level required to make an argument. They do not have the intellectual capacity. They are unarmed. They are mere puppets and
parrots; they are robots programmed with the the same tired phrases. They have conformed to non-conformity whilst claiming they are non-conformists. They cannot reason through any argument and are not embarrased that they are ill-informed. When it suddenly dawns upon them that they have lost, their only response is the "gnashing of teeth". Just think about it. They blindfold themselves and call it Enlightenment. The irony of it all!

blagishnessosity said...

I like this blog. I'll be sure to come back again :-)

Trubador said...

Alan, you may not post here too often. But when you do, I'm never disappointed. What a joy it is to read your posts.

Great stuff!